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Adolescent Tails


This 3-week intensive class will help you supercharge your relationship with your adolescent dog through game based training!

This course helps with that delightful phase to build up your relationship, work on their disengagement skills and calmness and help you naviagte this growth in your puppy. Each week we will add more and more skills to help through fun games and skills training. For dogs up to 3-years old. No previous training necessary! 

Common Adolescent struggles:

  • Difficulty focusing in familiar AND unfamiliar environments

  • More independence and less value in staying close to you

  • Barking and lunging at the end of the lead at things that didn’t appear to bother them before!

  • Frustration behaviours like jumping up, biting, mouthing and nipping

  • More interest in distractions such as other people, dogs, and animals over you! 

  • Vocalisation in the crate when previously they settled nicely

We help to:

  • Enhance your relationship with your teenage dog

  • Grow reliability in their response to you and reduce frustration in training

  • Utilise games to transform your adolescent dog’s behaviour

  • Prevent rehearsal of the behaviours that are driving you crazy

  • Support your adolescent dog so that they become awell-rounded adult with an incredible training foundation layered in concepts and games. 

Course cost £45

Upcoming courses:

  • Sunday 18th Feb  @11Am, in-person at Wallasey. 45-min sessions - 2 places remaining

Ready to apply? Click HERE

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