Tremendous tails


Tremendous Tails 


Tremendous Tails is a follow-on course for dogs and owners who have completed the Terrific tails course or equivalent behaviour courses previously and are looking for a continuous challenge, stimulation and fun! It is designed for dogs who would like to progress in their training and owners who are interested in developing their understanding of their dog’s motivations. It is ideal for strengthening and maintaining a close bond between owner and dog and is a great way to practice those communication skills!


Tremendous Tails courses are also beneficial for dogs who require extra stimulation and challenge to keep them happy and calm in a range of situations. Alongside plenty of exercise, the sessions are a great way to provide mental stimulus for your dog to reduce anxiety or over-excitement, or simply to have fun with your bright, active furry friend!


So what do we learn?

  • Walking beside owner off-lead 

  • Recall to side and continue walking 

  • Road Walks, basics and approaching roads, stopping, waiting for cue

  • Multi-position stays 

  • Down stays out of sight

  • Tricks 

  • Relaxed isolation 

  • Boundaries work

  • Sending dog to bed (not in disgrace) 

  • Good food manners and leaves 

  • Finish cue 

  • Emergency Stop

  • And much more....  


Once you're up to date on the basics, the course it will be full of progressions, such as longer out of sight stays, bed cues, emergency stop progressions, advanced tricks, finish cue alterations and middle cues, advanced leave techniques and road walk progressions.This is a high level course so it is unlikely dogs will pass the test first time round but it is meant for progression and tests will run when required for those that want them. These sessions are 45Min classes every week. 


Course Costs?

 £9.50 per week pay as you go, tests held as required



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