Dominance Theory

The theory suggests dogs are motivated to achieve a higher social status and this desire may lead them to show aggressive behaviour to show dominance and control. This interpretation has led to what is now an outdated training technique whereby trainers are encouraged to show the dog who the boss is. With the advancement of science; we now know this theory is flawed and the majority of good trainers have changed their practices to reflect this. We have a better understanding of behaviour in dogs so that we can now use techniques that are highly effective and do not damage the relationship between us and our canine companions. Dominance theory become popular through the study of wolves. It wa

Watch me!

As a dog trainer, I think this one of the most important foundations to successful dog training. If you have your dog’s attention, you can start to communicate to them what you need. If they are running towards a busy road, you need them to hear your voice and you need them to listen to you. If they are running towards at a snarling dog on a lead, you need them to listen. if you want them to sit politely whilst you open the door to a postman, you need them to want to listen and this all starts with focus games. Sounds easy? It is (with a bit of training and a lot of consistency) So where to start? Start with the watch or watch me command. Take a treat, start with it by your eyes, quickly mov

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