The Top 10 Christmas Presents For Dogs

When Christmas rolls around it’s easy enough to figure out what the kids want because they’ll have been telling you every five minutes for the past month or two. If you’ve been paying attention then there’s a very good chance you’ll have an idea what your partner would quite like, given the number of not-so-subtle hints that they’ve been dropping in your direction whenever you’ve been out shopping. The latest football kit? A nice necklace to go with that bracelet you bought them for their birthday? You know the sort of thing we’re talking about. It’s a lot harder to figure out what your dog might want. Yes, you could take them into a pet shop and see what they seem to show an unusual amount

Why should I train my dog?

Traditionally, dog training was based on teaching dogs obedience commands through punishment based techniques with a serious lack of understanding of the dog and what motivates them. Some people still train by these outdated methods and sadly I hear some horror stories still. I recently heard about how their dog was punished by the trainer and they were taught how to inflict pain upon the dog to make them "understand" they were doing something wrong. Science has evolved and a lot of time and money has been spent on understanding how dogs learn, what methods work and how to successfully maintain a relationship of trust between you and your dog. We are in a society where the majority of dogs s

Chewing pupster?

Young puppies have the irresistible urge to chew on pretty much everything. Just as we use our hands, they will use their teeth and mouth to explore. This along with teething which usually happens about 12 – 28 weeks where mouthing and chewing will help with the pain of getting their new teeth. We have lots of tips for this (some are tips of the day on facebook and Twitter so give us a follow for helpful new things) · Put anything you do not want them to chew away, shoes, plants, electrical wires and coasters are most puppies dream chewing objects. Anything that is not safe or you do not want to replace, get it out of their way. · Freeze carrot batons, kong filled with freezeable goodies, da

Dominance Theory

The theory suggests dogs are motivated to achieve a higher social status and this desire may lead them to show aggressive behaviour to show dominance and control. This interpretation has led to what is now an outdated training technique whereby trainers are encouraged to show the dog who the boss is. With the advancement of science; we now know this theory is flawed and the majority of good trainers have changed their practices to reflect this. We have a better understanding of behaviour in dogs so that we can now use techniques that are highly effective and do not damage the relationship between us and our canine companions. Dominance theory become popular through the study of wolves. It wa

Here’s looking at you human

Dogs are experts at reading human emotions by just watching our faces. We have evidence that dogs have lived alongside humans and families for thousands of years so no wonder they are so good at it! Have you ever had your dog sidle up to you when you’re sad or jump around with your when you’re happy? Dogs adapt to all kind of circumstances based on your social set up, some live happily in flats with a single owner or a huge family of all different ages. However this is where it can cause problems if a dog is brought into another social situation they are not used to, that friendly little social dog in the city loving adult attention could turn into a disturbed growling dog when a small toddl

Some of our favourite dog walks around the Wirral

Puppy first timers to the class will often ask me where is best to take their dogs around the Wirral. So, I thought a quick blog would be helpful for anyone out there that has a new dog or puppy or if you’d just like to mix up your normal jollies and would like some inspiration for walkies The Gunsite/Wirral Country park. This is a favourite amongst dog walkers and dog walking companies alike. So be prepared to meet a lot of people and doggies off lead, which is great if you’re wanting to socialise your dog in a relaxed place which has limited roads around. This is a favourite amongst dog walkers and dog walking companies alike, so be prepared to meet a lot of people and doggies off lead! Th

Saying please in doggo language!

This basically means whatever your dog wants, get them to ask please first. It strengthens good behaviour and means you can be training your dog without even dedicating a lot of time to it. Any time you can encourage your dog to communicate with you happily, you’re on to a winner with reliable behaviour. They learn impulse control and can consider the alternatives whilst using manners. So what do we mean by manners? Asking them for a sit before you take the lead off (and even a wait, if you can progress to this) then reward them with a treat or play time. Try asking them for a sit before food or a toy or even to go down the garden and play. The aim of the game is to get your dog’s attention

Watch me!

As a dog trainer, I think this one of the most important foundations to successful dog training. If you have your dog’s attention, you can start to communicate to them what you need. If they are running towards a busy road, you need them to hear your voice and you need them to listen to you. If they are running towards at a snarling dog on a lead, you need them to listen. if you want them to sit politely whilst you open the door to a postman, you need them to want to listen and this all starts with focus games. Sounds easy? It is (with a bit of training and a lot of consistency) So where to start? Start with the watch or watch me command. Take a treat, start with it by your eyes, quickly mov

Looking for the little signs of frustration in dog behaviour

We often miss the warning signs with our dogs and it’s in the little actions they’re doing, They tell us exactly what we need to know but We often miss them or misunderstand them. When I’m talking to people about warning signs that dogs can display when they’re frustrated or aggressive, a lot of people answer growling, snapping or biting. Sadly, these are signs that the dog has got too stressed and is likely to react badly. Most dogs will often show other signs before they bite or snap and these are the little things we need to watch out for. They display these signs to deflect the threat (or perceived threat) and restore some peace in their lives. When the object/person/dog etc. does not re

Training or Management to solve an issue?

One of the recurring themes that I get asked a lot by owners is, “how do I stop my dog……” This sentence can be completed with a range of things, like “eating rubbish from the bin”, “jumping up on everyone they meet”, “chewing my shoes” and so on, and so on. Some of these things can be cured with some training, but a lot of doggy-based queries can be answered with management as a very quick and easy start, too. What does that mean? Well, control and management means controlling your dog’s environment to prevent them from being rewarded (usually unintentionally by the owner). For most people, control and management will form the first step towards helping to stop the behaviour that the owner d

How do I choose a puppy?

First of all, please think about it really carefully. A fun bouncy puppy can be an amazing addition to your life but the commitment has to be there for life. They are demanding in time, money and they need lots of training and socialisation to be balanced. Ok, so you’ve thought it through? You’re happy you can give that puppy a happy, healthy home? Great, what’s next?! There are thousands of abandoned doggies home and abroad and if you think you can provide them with stability, love and training, there are lots of people out there willing to help. (including Furry Tails, we have lots of experience and training techniques to help with the issues you face) That said if you still want to buy a

The perfect dog

So, does it exist? Well, like everything in this world, nothing or no one is perfect but with us all being so different, you can get very close to a perfect dog for you! I regularly see clients turn up with a puppy or dog and my heart sinks. Generally, they’re the ones asking me why their dog doesn’t behave or listen to them and it can be very hard to say, because you didn’t think through your dog’s history or breed and they’re bored senseless with the life they’ve found themselves in. In my eyes, it’s quite simple, don’t get a brachycephalic type breed (Frenchie, Pug etc.) if you like climbing mountains and jogging, equally don’t get a Springer spaniel if you like the sedate life most of th

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