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New Doggy - the best start to their new life with you! 

From the moment you decide to get a dog to join your world, every second counts and you want to be as prepared as possible.


I design a personalised programme for you and your dog which includes 3 x 1 hour sessions with me, a 6-week course at our training school and 3 x 30-min training walks with me. This whole package should get you and your dog set on the right track for your new lives together. You and your dog will learn the basics of training and games to help their development whilst having fun.


these home visits can be a great help to getting you through the first few weeks (I can even come before to help you find the right dog for you and set up the house before they arrive) and I can help with advice on toilet training, chewing, mouthing, recalls, loose lead walking and basic training. Once they're in and settled, the Terrific tails course can help your dog become a socialised, well balanced and happy dog. Careful socialisation and training can be the best investment you'll ever make and will help set them up for their new life alongside you.


In classes we learn recalls, walking nicely on a lead, self control and focus exercises, Stays, tricks, the furry tails 5 (Sit, down, stand, watch and touch) and more.


In addition to this, you get 3 training walks with me where we focus completely on the outside world and the techniques and tips you might need when approaching these new things together. 


Allow me to design a personalised programme for you and your dog to ensure you get the happiest, balanced and enjoyable companion you would love to be part of your world.


I take great pride in helping you to give your dog the best start in their new life with you! 


All this for only £160 (Saves £25) This package includes;


  • 3 x 1-hour sessions (not including travel time so you get more time with me) 

  • 6-week tiny tails course (6 x 3o min sessions) 

  • 3 Training walks (3 x 30 min sessions)


please contact Rachel at  or on

07875 844130


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