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New puppy - the best start in life package!

Fully Booked till September 2020

From the moment you decide to get a puppy to join your world, every second counts and you want to be as prepared as possible.


Rachel will meet you and your pup at our venue for at least an hours session with her, 1-2-1, discussing any teething issues, working through good techniques for puppy training and to talk about any future puppy queries you may have, you also get a 6-week course at our training school and 8 weeks of puppy play time at our Play tails sessions. This whole package should get you and your puppy set on the right track for life. You and your puppy will learn the basics of training and games to help their development whilst having fun.


your puppy may be too young to go down outside so these sessions can be a great help to getting you through the first few weeks (Rachel can even meet you before to help you find the right puppy for you and advise you about the house Set-up before they arrive) Rachel can help with advice on toilet training, chewing, mouthing, recalls, basic training and play biting. After the vet says they're ready to meet other dogs, the Tiny tails course and the playtails sessions can help your dog become a socialised, well balanced and happy dog. Careful socialisation at this key development period can be the best investment you'll ever make and will help set them up for life.


In classes we learn recalls, walking nicely on a lead, how to not jump up at people, the furry tails 5 (Sit, down, stand, watch and touch) and Lots of games to help with training.

The playtails session in the Venue are 30 minutes of carefully watched play with other puppies. this gives them the vital socialisation with other puppies and a chance to let loose and have fun play in a safe environment!


We take great pride in helping you to give your pup the best start in life! 


All this for only £140! This package includes;


  • 1 x 1-hour private session at our venue 

  • 6-week tiny tails course (6 x 3o min sessions) 

  • 8-weeks of playtails ( 8 x 30 min sessions)


please contact Rachel by completing this form or emailing 


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