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Rapid Recallers

This 3-week intensive recall class will help you supercharge your recall through game based training!

This course teaches progression, to build up to being able to have a rapid recall! Each week we will add more and more distractions and distance through fun games and skills training. 

Included in the course is weekly homework practice, along with course notes. 

Common recall problems tackled:

  • Dodging out of reach when you go to grab their collar.

  • Playing keep away and not coming close enough to put a lead on.

  • Not listening to cues at the park and other new places.

  • Running away when after taking the lead off.

  • Building emergency recall behaviours.

  • Working on listening skills before you let them off-lead

Upcoming courses:

  • Wednesday 16th August 6pm, 45-minute sessions, £60 for 3-week course.

Ready to apply? Click HERE

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