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Separation anxiety course 

This is A 2-hour course, open to all dog owners that are struggling to leave their dogs home alone.

Attendees will receive 2 hours of learning and materials to help their doggies manage to be home on their own. There is no time limit to helping dogs with separation anxiety, it takes time, patience and consistency. This course is aimed at helping you understand the struggle and how to train and how to help your dog overcome the fear and panic associated with your departure. 

This course is not designed as a replacement for a Behavioural consultation, if you are dealing with an extreme case, we highly recommend you speak with your vet to receive a veterinary referral to their trusted behaviourist. 

You will cover:-

  • What is separation anxiety

  • Why it's a struggle for some dogs

  • How to prevent separation anxiety by planning and preparing

  • Understanding how to train your dogs to be ok on their own

  • step by step procedures that you can follow in a daily training programme. 

Run by Rachel Smith, KCAI (CD), BSc 

All this for only £25!

Available courses:

  • 31st July - 10:30 am to 12:30pm at Furry Tails Dog World.

Course T&C's see full details here:

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