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Some of our favourite dog walks around the Wirral

Puppy first timers to the class will often ask me where is best to take their dogs around the Wirral. So, I thought a quick blog would be helpful for anyone out there that has a new dog or puppy or if you’d just like to mix up your normal jollies and would like some inspiration for walkies

The Gunsite/Wirral Country park.

This is a favourite amongst dog walkers and dog walking companies alike. So be prepared to meet a lot of people and doggies off lead, which is great if you’re wanting to socialise your dog in a relaxed place which has limited roads around. This is a favourite amongst dog walkers and dog walking companies alike, so be prepared to meet a lot of people and doggies off lead! That’s great if you’re wanting to socialise your dog in a relaxed place which has limited roads around. There are a few large fields near the car park, offering a chance to use a long-line lead if you’re not all that confident about letting your doggie off-lead yet.

Once you’ve made it through the fields you’ll find the dunes off to one side, which you can walk through and on to the beach. You need a brilliant and reliable recall to be able to let your dog off, especially when you might find horses or families enjoying picnics on the beach, so please make sure you are confident with that before letting your dog off lead anywhere!Obviously you’ll only really be able to get onto the beach if the tide’s out, so keep an eye on tide times and make sure that you’re not taken by surprise by the water coming in. Some of the paths will be shared with cyclists, so please be careful with this. It’s another good reason why an excellent recall comes in handy!

You can choose to walk on the coastal path rather than on the beach, should you not want to get sandy paws! The path leads all the way to West Kirby one way and through New Brighton the other, so it’s perfect (or should that be pawfect?!) if you want a long beach-side walk with scenic views with your furry pal.

New Brighton beach

A favourite amongst photographers due to the lighthouse and spectacular sunsets over the water, this can be a great long stretch of sand to walk your dogs over when the tide is out. There are a few places around to grab an ice cream, but sadly limited places to take your furry friend inside.

Marino Lounge is located inside Marine Point and does allow you into their “Snug” area with a dog, or close to the door by the window, but it is restrictive and often busy. Don’t expect a view, but it is a nice place to get a drink and a bite to eat with your doggy.

Bidston Hill

This place is a warren of paths through woods and over a field which starts by the car park near Tam O’Shanters Urban Farm. There are multiple paths to get your around, with lots of routes available. It provides you with some spectacular views over Liverpool and the Wirral at the top of the hill, as well as a lovely, picturesque windmill should you want some good photos with your four-legged friend.

Dogs seem to enjoy running around the trees here, chasing squirrels and up and down the rocks on the way through the tracks. This is one of my favourite places to walk on the Wirral and you often meet some doggy pals along the way, so expect some social chats (read bum-sniffs!) amongst the dogs, too.

Harrison Park

This place is great for those wet days when your dog perhaps wants a shorter walk and you’d like a concrete path! There are often lots of doggies and owners here, making it a good place to get some vital socialisation in with your dog. If they like chasing a ball, there’s a great big open field, but do be careful as it is near a road. Yet another reason to make sure those recalls are up to scratch! Perhaps a place to try your long-line lead out of the way of humans tripping up!​

Royden Park

Another place full of trees, open fields, walking paths and muddy places. There are beautiful views up by Thor’s rock and lots for dogs to see, too. There is a nice dog-friendly café where you and your doggy can get a drink and you can have a relax. There is a fair bit of parking but, as with the Wirral Country Park, it does get busy with dogs and walkers at the weekend. It’s an idea place to head if you’re looking for the chance for your doggy to do some socialisation.

Egremont prom/vale park and beach

This area combines a park, the prom and the beach, so it’s a nice little place to take your dogs and family. This also means on a nice day/holiday/weekend, it can get very busy indeed. Again, great for meeting lots of people, kids, bikes, skateboards and dogs should you want some social time. If you’re hoping to introduce your doggy to lots of new sights and sounds, which is an important part of their socialisation when young, then this is a great place to go.

When the tide is out, the beach provides a big area for dogs to run on or for you to use your long-line and let them get some exercise and training. The views to Liverpool are beautiful and, if you’re up early enough, the sunrise on Liverpool makes for some cracking photos! With the amount of bikes and people around, keep an eye out for your dog over the prom area. There’s lots to see and do around here and even a pirate ship if you’re bringing kids! That does mean that there are likely to be a number of children running around on the beach full of excitement, so bear that in mind if your doggy tends to find that a little bit over-stimulating.

West Kirby marine lake

What a fun little walk this is when the tide is out! It’s also a good way of getting your dog or puppy used to water in a safe way (check the tide times!). This concrete path leads you around the marine lake with the beach and sea on the other side. For humans there are beautiful views on a clear day over to the Welsh hills and sometimes boats sailing around. For dogs there is a clear-cut path and a chance to get used to the sea being around them.

There are often dogs and humans out for walkies along this path and whilst there is room to get around each other, if you have a dog unsure of other doggies then perhaps stay clear of this on a bright and sunny day. There isn’t always room to avoid doggy meetings in close proximities on the small path, so do keep that in mind. If you’d like a bit of social time for your dogs then this is often a nice little stroll. It usually takes us about 25 mins to do a loop, so take your time walking and enjoying the environment!


The Wirral has many more excellent dog-walking areas, but these are a few that, in my experience, tend to have socialised doggies with well-mannered owners walking them. As always, wherever you walk practice good doggy manners, make sure your recall is at its best and keep an eye out for dogs that might not have the same socialisation skills as yours. Most importantly, though, have fun!

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