Terms & Conditions

Furry Tails Terms and Conditions for Daycare 


Please make sure you take a note of these as they are important to us.


It’s up to us to:


  • to make sure your dog is safe and under control. We will never let your dog off the lead until we have your written consent to do so. 


  • Once off lead we will ensure they are within the boundaries of a safe park away from roads and traffic as much as possible.


  • In order to maintain in full control of your dog we will only walk dogs who have a good basic cues and recall, non-aggressive dogs and bitches. 


  • We will only allow how many dogs we have been assigned to take on our licence, no more. 


  • We will pick up any mess your dog leaves whilst under our care in public places, we will also provide the correct equipment to do so.


  • We will do our best to stop any dogs who enjoy rolling in fox poo or any other stinky substance but if they beat us to it then we have wipes to hand to get the general dirt off but I cannot completely eliminate it nor the smell during a walk. This requires a bigger job and more time which we cannot supply. 


  • If you choose to allow us to keep a key to your home so we can gain access whilst you are away, we will ensure it is kept in a safe place always. We are insured for loss of keys in case of accidental loss or theft. We will not enter your home on any other occasion apart from when arranged to do so. We will not make a copy of your key or let another person use it without your permission.


  • If we have not had contact from you or walked your dog in 3 months or more we will seek to return your keys to you as we cannot keep any house keys in our possession if they are no longer needed for security and insurance reasons.


  • We will inform you of any unforeseen circumstances which your dog may fall under, i.e. illness, injury or escape. 


  • We have the right to return any dog without notice who nips, mouths, bites, humps excessively or continues to cause a nuisance and we struggle to maintain control. Any daycare sessions which must be cut short will still incur the full cost.


it’s up to you to:


  • To provide proof and dates of all current vaccinations, including kennel cough, if your dog is titre tested, please discuss this with us and your vet first. You must ensure your dog is in good health and not carrying any illness or diseases which can spread to the other dogs. If we believe that your dog is not in good health, then we reserve the right to seek advice from our local vet and return your dog without notice. You will be liable for any fees incurred.

  • You understand that Furry Tails Dog World is an open day care centre you agree that your dog will socialise with other dogs and you accept the risks involved and agree that Furry Tails Dog World are not liable for any injuries or illnesses resulting during your dog’s attendance.

  • To provide us with a contact in case of emergency, vet details, contact number and a trusted 3rd party if we are unable to get hold of you. If we are unable to get your dog to your registered vet then we will take them to the nearest one, if it is extremely urgenT. All fees will be paid by you, the dog owner either in person or by invoice if the vet is happy to do so.

  • To provide the right equipment in order for us to safely take your dog on a walk: collar, ID tag, lead, harness where appropriate, toys, treats and coats when in adverse weather. The law still requires you to provide an ID tag displayed on their collar with your details.

  • WINTER WEATHER DISCLAIMER: During the rainy, wet and muddy seasons (most of the year in the UK!) we will provide wet wipes and towels to get the majority of dirt and damp off your dog but we cannot return them home in pristine condition. Please make sure you provide the correct items (i.e Towels!) to ensure they can be dried off once home or inform us if you would like them left in a particular area to prevent them making your home smell of “Wet Dog!”

  • You understand that if your dog has a history of aggression or biting, Furry Tails Dog World reserve the right to refuse entry to your dog and you have disclosed to Furry Tails Dog World any known dangers associated with your dog. Any behaviour deemed dangerous or inappropriate by Furry Tails Dog World may result in the instant dismissal of your dog(s), Excessive humping falls with in this category. 

  • Male dogs will not be permitted into daycare older than 18-months if they are not neutered, we class excessive humping as a behavioural issue and will contact you if we think this is not the right environment for them. 

  • If using the fetch and return pick up service, you recognise the risks of injury associated with transporting your dog to and from my property. you expressively waive and relinquish any and all claims against Furry Tails Dog World, its employees and representatives, except those arising from negligence on the part of Furry Tails Dog World.

  • You understand all dogs will need to undergo an assessment morning before Furry Tails Dog World will decide if your dog is suited to the environment of daycare.  All assessments are conducted on a  day to be decided with Furry Tails Dog World and we will be in contact shortly to arrange a day that suits you best. You and your dog will be required to stay with us for the first hour, then you can leave your dog with us for the rest of the morning.


By agreeing to the terms and conditions, stating that your dog has good recall and that you allow Furry Tails to let your dog off the lead you accept full liability for your dog’s well-being should an accident occur as a result of your dog being off the lead. It is also your responsibility to insure your pet to cover any vet bills in case of illness or an accident. Depending on the circumstances of an accident, we are also insured for public liability.


Payment /Requirements

  • I understand that I must pay for day care costs in advance (by Friday of the week before) using gocardless or bank transfer as discussed with Furry Tails Dog World unless another agreement is in place and in writing. 

  • I understand that I must give at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or else full payment will be kept.

  • I understand that the hours of operation are 7:30am - 6pm and a £3 late fee charge applies for every 15 minutes thereafter.

  • If I purchase a morning half day service and fail to pick my dog up by 12:30pm, I will be charged the full day rate. If I fail to pick up my dog by 6:pm for an afternoon day care service, additional late fees will apply as above.

Furry Tails Terms and Conditions for classes/PlayTails/one to ones



Please note that payment for services and engaging in the training classes both private and group also implies full agreement with

these Terms and Conditions. 


Training and Handling Methods 

The training techniques used by Furry Tails Dog Training are based on the principles of positive reinforcement and, as such, are kind, fair and reward-based. Harsh handling of dogs, physical force and the use of punitive methods/ punishment/ corrections or equipment designed to be aversive (including choke chains, check chains, prong collars, slip leads, spray collars, e-collars or any other device deemed unacceptable by the trainer) are not permitted in classes or and should not be used in training. 


Payment, Refunds and Cancellations 

Payment is required in full one week prior to the first day of training (less the deposit paid in advance). Once payment has been made, it is non-refundable. Occasionally, where a client is unable to take up their reserved place on a course, their credit may be transferred to another suitable class / service; this is at the sole discretion of Furry Tails Dog Training and will be dependent on us having another client to fill your place. We are unable to offer any refunds on missed group sessions. One to One sessions (including Supplementary training sessions) should be paid for a minimum of one week in advance of the booked time / date or at the time of making the booking. These can be re-arranged or refunded with at least 1 week’s notice. With less than 1 week’s notice, no refunds will be given (except for any travel charges paid but not incurred) and a new session will need to be booked. In exceptional circumstances, a partial refund or re-arrangement for a One to One session cancelled with notice of between 1 week and 48 hours may be made, at the sole discretion of Furry Tails Dog Training. The new puppy/new dog packages will last 1 year from the purchase date. 


Suitability for Class Environment [Not applicable to One to One Training] 

Some dogs are not suited to a class environment due to over-arousal, fear, anxiety etc (this is not the same as a young puppy who is new to socialisation and is just a little nervous!). Dogs which are known to bark, snap or lunge towards other dogs or people within a distance of less than 10 meters will not be best placed in a class environment; it is simply not fair on your dog or the other attendees. If your dog is not suited to the class training environment now, we may be able to offer alternative solutions, such as one to one training sessions. If a dog is deemed by the trainer to be particularly stressed or reactive, despite the efforts of the owner and/ or trainer, the owner will be asked to remove the dog from the class (for that session or the rest of the course), in the best interests of both your dog and the others attending. Therefore, if you are unsure how your dog will respond to a class/ group environment, or have any concerns, you should discuss this with us before booking on to a course; refunds for course fees will not be given (see above). 



Any instances of accident or injury must be reported to the trainer at the time they occurred. A first aid kit is available at training classes and carried by all staff during one-to-ones and training support sessions. All dogs must remain on lead and kept away from contact with other dogs unless specifically instructed by the trainer (eg. off- lead play). Flexi leads (extending leads) are not permitted in class, to avoid injury. 



Children are very welcome to attend classes / training sessions. We just ask that there are two adult’s for children 6 and under, to ensure that your puppy/dog have one adults undivided attention and that children do not approach or touch any dogs without appropriate supervision and permission. We accept no responsibility for children at classes and it is the responsibility of the supervising adult to ensure the children’s safety at all times. In addition, children must not be allowed to disrupt the learning and we reserve the right to ask for disruptive children not to be brought to classes in the future. Young people under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 


Health and Vaccination 

All dogs and puppies attending classes should be suitably protected from the potential risk of disease as well as being appropriately treated for internal and external parasites. Furry Tails Dog Training advises that owners should consult their veterinary professional with regards to such issues. Whilst the indoor venues used by Furry Tails Dog Training are not routinely accessed by dogs (other than those attending classes), there can be no guarantee that there is absolutely no risk of disease at any venue or when in contact with any other dogs or materials, such as toys, which may have been in contact with other dogs. It is the owner/ handler’s responsibility to ensure that their dog is appropriately protected against the risk of disease: Furry Tails Dog Training accepts no responsibility for the potential or actual exposure of dogs to disease. If an owner chooses not to routinely vaccinate their dog / puppy (for example because they are choosing titre testing), this is entirely the choice of the owner and is a decision made at their own risk. By booking a place at a class and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are accepting full responsibility for the protection of your dog from the risk of disease. Please do not bring your dog to class if he or she has been in contact with another dog infected by a contagious disease or if they appear to be unwell (eg. vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing, runny nose etc). We accept bitches in season in class, we feel they exist in the real world and we want to help all our guardians understand how to help their dogs focus with seasons as distractions too, however if your bitch is ill, then we ask you to not bring her to class in line with the above health recommendations. If a dog is unable to attend classes, owners are encouraged and more than welcome to attend without their dog to keep up to date with the training course. If your dog has any known allergies or intolerances to certain foods or has any other special needs, it is your responsibility to bring this to the attention of the trainer prior to the start of the session. 


Marketing/ Privacy 

Photographs will be taken during training sessions. Such photos may be used by Furry Tails Dog Training for the purposes of marketing. For example, weekly photos and graduation photos are posted on our Facebook and instagram page. If you do not wish for photographs of you and / or your dog to be used or shared, please let us know. Any written feedback (eg. by email or on feedback forms) may be used for marketing purposes (for example, posted on the website). Only the first name of the person will be used as identification. If you are not happy for us to use your feedback in this way, please let us know. Photography and videography is NOT permitted, without the express permission of Furry Tails Dog Training. 



We make every effort to ensure the safety of both clients and dogs during training classes, training support sessions and one to one sessions. By making a booking with us, you are accepting that participating in an activity with dogs, children and adults poses a risk of injury to yourself and your dog, and you agree to indemnify Furry Tails Dog Training for all personal injury and damage to property while attending training. You agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which might occur as a result of your dog attending classes / sessions. You also agree to make any person who accompanies you to the session(s), or takes your place, aware that they are also there at their own risk. 







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