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Doggy Daycare

Wirral dog 5* Daycare licence 
LN/361509 Licence Holder - rachel Smith

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Level Three qualification logo large.png

Give your dog the day they deserve, every day! 


Doggy daycare - Monday to Friday 7:30AM to 6Pm 

RSPCA Research suggests that 85 percent of dogs may be struggling to cope when left alone. It's shocking to think that more than seven million of our four-legged friends could be feeling frightened, lonely or sad when home alone. 


Our daycare is based at Wallasey. your dogs will have fun, enrichment exercises, affection, companionship and plenty of time to play. Unlike many daycare centres, we not only offer companionship for your dogs all day. We have a 6000 sq. ft outside secure dog area and we also have indoor areas that can be used for older dogs and puppies to have some peace and quiet for sleep.


We have a large range of toys, enrichment games and soft play. In hot weather we also have a paddling pool so that the dogs can enjoy a lovely cool down. We have other equipment for activities, such as agility, scentwork and a mini dog-gym. Younger dogs, who have not yet finished growing, will be restricted in the amount of these types of activities That they are allowed to engage in for health reasons (Please see below for puppy details).


The main goal of each day is a combination of fun, physical exercise, mental stimulation, socialisation, companionship and rest. With that in mind, we break the day into different activities. These include free play, training, focused exercises, agility, puzzle brain games and lots more. We only use grain-free, high quality training treats from Bounce and Bella in our enrichment sessions and we provide a cool environment in the summer and a warm, comfortable home from home in the winter.


Whatever the exercise requirements or activity levels of your dog, we aim to give them what they need and choose. All of this enables you to leave your dog knowing that they are safe and well-cared for and it ensures that you will return home with a happy, contented and tired dog.

Your dog will be in a group to suit their age, play style and size and we want to make sure you and your doggy are happy with the centre and the group before they come to visit us daily. With this in mind, we give you a FREE 2-hour trial where we ask you to come to help them settle, then leave them with us to see how they get on. This is in the best interest of everyone. But rememeber, daycare is not for every dog and we will always advise you on whether it is suitable for your dog specifically.  


We have a dog trainer present every day, so you never know the tricks your dog might learn! Because we are a positive reinforcement training company, you can feel happy in the knowledge that we know how to treat dogs in their best interest. 

We offer full daycare as well as morning (7:30am-12:30pm)

or afternoon only options (1pm-6pm) 

Full daycare

1 Day a week £29 per day

5 Days a Week £27 per day

Half Daycare

1 Day a week £19.50 per day

5 Days a Week £18 per day

We now offer a 1-hour daycare for £10 or £15 for a 2-hour session. this is ideal for dogs who struggle to settle, Puppies or those doggies who are nervous to be away from their owner so they can learn to be away for short periods of time.

 BOOK IN FOR YOUR 2 -hour Free trial here


Existing customers please book here


Puppy Day care:

our Doggy Day Care Centre offers the perfect environment for your puppy to grow and socialise. We know that it is critical that puppies are not over exercised and so the centre has been designed with your puppy’s needs in mind.

The big comfy beds and peace and quiet of the chill out area will give your puppy the chance to sleep and rest. The centre allows your puppy to socialise and interact with other puppies, whilst learning from the older, well-behaved dogs. 


We take puppies out regularly throughout the day for small toilet breaks so as to not over-exercise them which is key for healthy growth and to limit damage done by over-exercise.  

We believe puppies that attend Doggy Day Care from a young age grow up to become the most social dogs you will ever come across!


We accept puppies once they are 2-weeks clear of their full vaccinations 


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