1-2-1 Puppy Classes

So you’ve heard about puppy training but why do this with your puppy? 

Puppy training is important for several reasons:

Behavioral Development

Proper training helps puppies develop good behaviour habits early on and to understand boundaries. It sets the foundation for a well-behaved adult dog. 


Training can help ensure your puppy’s safety. Cues like “come,” “wait,” and “leave it” can prevent accidents or dangerous situations, such as running into traffic or eating something harmful.

Socialisation and Habituation

Puppy training often includes socialisation, which is crucial for a dog’s mental and emotional development. Habituation is when you get used to something (also referred to as a stimulus) just by being exposed to it repeatedly. You react less and less each time you see or hear it until eventually, you might not react at all. It’s just like when you move to a new place that is close to train tracks. At first, you are startled by every train that whooshes by. Over time, with trains going by several times a day, you eventually don’t react at all. Visitors to your home wonder how you can put up with the noise. The truth is you don’t even notice them anymore. They’ve become background noise. This is habituation. Habituation is often what you are really doing when you socialise your puppy. You take them out and about to look at stuff. Things happen as they normally would and your puppy gets used to them.


Training sessions provide an opportunity for you and your puppy to bond. Building a strong bond with your dog is essential for a healthy and loving relationship.


Training helps establish a common language between you and your dog. When your puppy understands cues and boundaries, you can communicate your expectations effectively, making daily life easier for both of you.

Preventing Problem Behaviours

Early training can prevent or address problem behaviours, such as excessive barking, jumping chewing, digging, or mouthing. Addressing these issues early is often easier and more effective than trying to manage them in an adult dog.

Legal and Community Compliance

In many areas, there are legal requirements or community rules regarding dog behaviour and training. Ensuring your puppy is well-trained can help you avoid legal issues or neighborhood conflicts.

Remember that patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement are essential when training a puppy! 

​Maybe you want a course that fits into your schedule or perhaps you want that 1-2-1 attention? Then our 1-2-1 puppy course is for you! 

​We run a 3-week intensive 1-2-1 Puppy class just for you and your puppy to suit your availability. Alongside the usual puppy training exercises and games like teraching loose lead walking and how to leave or drop something they shouldn’t have, We can tailor it specifically to your puppy and their struggles. This course consists of 3, 45 min sessions which are a combination of training and behavioural work. You will also get behavioural videos to help, along with weekly handouts and a Wirral Woof chew pack to help get through that landshark teething period!

All this for only £120! ready to sign up?

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